Less is more.

We like to keep things simple. However, developing a new brand identity or website is a complex matter. That is why we prefer personal contact to discuss what we can do for you. Here’s a list of important topics to think about before we get started.

What do you want to achieve and who do you want to address?

What specific features do you have in mind? Does your website need an informative function or does it also serve to offer visitors the opportunity to make appointments via a booking system or an extensive contact form?

How much pages do you need and what should they look like? Do you also want to sell products and do you need a payment module?

What is your vision for the look of the website? What are your brand guidelines and style preferences?

What atmosphere do you want to convey in your message? Do you write the texts yourself or would you like to have them written?

Any specific requirements for integrations or platforms?

What do you expect from the future management of the site? Would you like to do this yourself via a super user-friendly content management system or would you rather leave it to us?

How much do you want to invest and when should it be ready?

Do you have search engine optimization and marketing goals? 

How do you want to be involved in the process?

Do you need training and would you like to receive documentation?


We are located at Papestraat 17, 2513 AV  Den Haag